Treatment Foster Care (TFC) Now Available in Treasure Valley Area

Coral Sciscoe - Treatment Foster Care Recruiter and Trainer, Pathways of Idaho

Pathways of Idaho is now providing Treatment Foster Care (TFC) services in the greater Treasure Valley
area. Our program offers a family-based placement option for children with serious behavioral,
emotional, or medical needs who require more intensive interventions and support than traditional
foster care is able to deliver. Our professional treatment team includes Child and Family Therapists, Case
Managers, and trained and licensed TFC parents. Together, they work collaboratively with the child,
their family, and other community resources to support the healthy development of strengths, skills, and
coping strategies that help maintain a stable placement in the home.

Pathways of Idaho’s holistic, wrap-around support structure utilizes trauma-informed interventions and
principles that are provided to TFC parents and the children under their care. Together, the team
develops a person-centered service plan and works together with the child’s parents and family
towards permanency.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Pathways Treatment Foster Care program or would like
to be connected to upcoming trauma-informed training opportunities open to the public in the near
future, you can call us at 208-391-3304, email us at, or follow us online at or

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