3 Ways Amazon Smile Makes Donating to Charity Easier in 2022

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What is Amazon Smile?

Amazon Smile is a program designed by Amazon to correspond with their online shopping website. It is a separate Amazon account that you create, that you can then connect to a charity of your choice. When you shop with this new Amazon account, your purchases will then give to that charity. In this article, we will go over why this is a game-changer for donations in the modern age.

Did we mention it’s free?

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That’s right. An Amazon Smile account is at no cost to you. Making the account requires no payment from you, making this the most cost-effective option. Not only this but when you make a purchase with your free Amazon Smile account, the money that is donated from your purchases is included in the items price. You purchase an item at its listed price, and then Amazon donates .05% of its profits to the charity that you chose to partner with. This means the option of donating to charity no longer sits with those who have disposable income. Now with Amazon Smile, you can donate, regardless of your economic status.

Donating has never been simpler

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Anyone who has donated to charities knows that the process of donating can be complicated at times. You have to know how much you personally are able to donate, where it goes, and how to get the money to those charities. With an Amazon Smiles account, all of this is done for you. You simply make the Amazon Smile account, chose your Charity and that’s it. Once you have your account and a charity attached to it, .05% of your purchase immediately gets sent to your charity partner. Amazon Smile is a zero-effort way of giving back.

Feel more secure in your donation

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One of the many reservations about donating to a charity is the question of how reliable or truthful the website is that you are donating toward. Amazon Smile has taken the worry out of this process. When you are deciding on which charity to give to with an Amazon Smile account, you have the security of knowing that each of the charities available is reviewed by Amazon specifically to ensure they are trustworthy and reliable. After all, it’s their money that will be donated.

What do you do from here?

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Now that you understand what Amazon Smile is, and how it is free, simple to use, and secure, it’s time you made yourself an account. In our modern-day where things are simple and streamlined, it was about time someone came along to simplify the donation process. Amazon does this for us, by offering the modern-day donation experience. If you are ready to create your Amazon Smile account, click on the link below and start giving back today.

Amazon Smile

If you need a suggestion on which charity to partner with, we suggest choosing our friends over at the Idaho Foster & Adoptive Parent Association. They are a nonprofit charity in the pursuit of helping the children in the foster system receive the necessities of life. To learn more about IDFAPA, click here.

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