2024 Lemonade Stand for Foster Kids

Signing Up is Easy

We want to make it easy for you to host a lemonade stand benefiting the Idaho Foster & Adoptive Parent Association. That is why we have gathered all the necessary information in one spot. Follow these four steps to get started:

  1. Decide which day to host your lemonade stand.
  2. Fill out the registration form, letting us know about your stand.
  3. Once you are registered, we will send out your starter packs. (Expect them at the end of June)
  4. We will post it on our social media and send customers your way!
  5. If you decide you want additional signage or documents you can download them at the link at the top.

We will be running the competition portion of the campaign throughout July, but feel free to hold your lemonade stand whenever it is most convenient for you! Last year our hosts saw a lot of success holding lemonade stands around community events, holidays, sporting events, or in front of local businesses. 

Finishing Touches

You can find many fun extras such as banners, tablecloths, balloons, stickers, and lemon-flavored treats for your lemonade stand at your local dollar store, big-box store, Oriental Trading, or Amazon.

The great thing about lemonade stands is they can vary from simple, selling only lemonade to more elaborate stands where lemonade is somewhere on the menu! Last year we saw stands selling cookies, cinnamon rolls, snow cones, and even tacos. It doesn’t matter how you do it; sell whatever you want! What IS important is spreading the word about and supporting Idaho’s foster kids. 

Why We Do It

“I’m a foster kid,” a sweet-faced girl in a yellow shirt told her customer as she handed them an ice-cold lemonade.

“I was a foster kid, but then my mom adopted me,” a teen explained as she accepted money from her customer. 

Not every lemonade stand benefiting the Idaho Foster & Adoptive Parent Association (IDFAPA) held last July had a foster or adopted child running it, but all 56 had the same goal; to bring awareness and raise funds for foster kids across the state.

Awards and Prizes

This year we will offer special prizes for our top three fundraisers! Check our website often to see who leads the competition and how much you need to raise to be at the top! We will also have prizes for selling 50+ cups of lemonade, a winner for the most creative stand, and a winner for the stand selling the most lemonade! Remember to post your lemonade stand event on social media with lots of pictures and tag it with #fosteridahome and #standforfosterkids.

We can’t wait to see lemonade stands popping up all over Idaho again this summer! What are you waiting for?! Join us by signing up today! Let’s make life a little sweeter for Idaho’s foster kids and turn lemons into lemonade together!

Email us at lemonade.idfapa@gmail.com with any questions!

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